Management Committee

The Management Committee became Trustees after the Association became registered as a charity.

All users of the Mossley Community Centre are regarded as members.  The Trustees can be elected by the general members.  Trustees meet on the second Wednesday of every month to make decisions regarding the Mossley Community Centre.  The Trustees decide on matters concerning the improvements, repairs, applications for use, disputes between groups etc.  Trustees have to be seen to be complying with the law and not to be negligent about financial matters or about safety of the Mossley Community Centre.  Trustees are also asked to declare any interests that may affect the decisions they make.  Full details of our constitution is available upon request.

Officers are Trustees elected to carry out specific roles within the Mossley Community Centre Committee – the posts are Chair, Vice Chair, Minute Secretary and Treasurer.

The current Officers are:

Chair :    Lesley Bill

Vice Chair:     David Coulton      Secretary:   Chris Frost.

Vice treasurer:   Susan Ash

Treasurer Diane Muir