• Update June 2021

    Over the last 3 months we have been able to welcome back most of our long established groups and some new ones too.

    However, to remain within the Covid safety guidelines and ensure distancing, places on groups are limited. Anyone wishing to join a group must contact the group organiser to book a place. You will need to follow the instructions given to you regarding which entrance and facilities you must use.

    You can look at the Week-at-a-glance page and clicking on a class that interests you will take you to the group page where you will find contact details.

    We are currently waiting for our new website to be ready for launch and so apologise if not everything on this site works efficiently.

    If you would like further information about anything you can’t find here, then please ring our Co-ordinator Angie Taylor on 01457 832361, email admin@mossleycommunitycentre.org.uk, or via messenger on our Facebook page.